Timelapse video flicker

In timelapse photography, when light changes fast and towards one direction (towards night-sunsets, or towards daylight-sunrises), if you use the aperture priority mode of your camera then there will be frames-photos lighter or darker than the nearby photos in the series. The drastic change in brightness will cause flickering in the timelapse video. This problem occurs because the light metering system isn't perfect.
The best way to deal with flickering caused by the light metering system of your camera is to avoid the aperture priority mode (or other auto modes) and change shutter speed (or aperture and ISO) manually (you could use spot-metering, but this is quite difficult to master..).
In order to do this you will need an extra device (another camera or a light meter) to meter the scene and your camera to take the photos. You take the meter indications, you average them and slowly increase or decrease exposure (by changing shutter speed, aperture or ISO). It is difficult to change everything by hand, because you need time to make the adjustments (and light changes fast) and because everytime you touch the camera there is always the risk you move (even slightly) the camera (you need a steady tripod and a professional ball head). It would be better if you could connect the camera to an external shutter-aperture-ISO controller through a cable.
I've created a data table with all the shutter-aperture-ISO combinations of my Nikon D90 camera (see below).
I think it would be better if I could write a programm that it will take in consideration the light meter indications of the camera or a light meter, the intervals between the shots, the shutter-aperture-ISO combinations, the "direction" of light (increase or decrease, sunrise or sunset) and the ability to prioritize between two (or more) different but overall indifferent (same results-same exposures) shutter-aperture-ISO combinations (taking in consideration aperture flicker and high ISO noise levels).
Nikon and Canon already have cameras with built-in intervalometers but they need to make the intervalometers more intelligent. Timelapse video flicker isn't that difficult to correct through a well built programm.

use the following link to open the spreadsheet:


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